Passing the Baton – Back to You as Parents

Passing the Baton – Back to You as Parents We here at school are here to work with you in formation of the young people.  These last days of testing, grading, cleaning, keeping the lid on, field trips and the unique formative moments that go with the end of the year, all come together to make these last days rather challenging at times.  As this week winds down, and the children return home full time, I feel like a relay runner passing the baton, and now it’s your turn to run the next stint.  While working with you is a pleasure and a blessing we must not forget the One who enables any of us to impact the young in our care – the Holy Spirit.  The Father sent Jesus to remind us He will be with us, now and always.  Let’s be sure to keep Him ever in mind.  We realize that even while the children are with us, they are yours, and we are assisting you in your responsibility to guide them. Guiding the children requires a fine line of directing and letting them fly with independence.

This morning I witnessed a presentation, led by a student as the teacher and other classmates were wrapped in attention.  Several months ago a student expressed the desire to teach a lesson on the brain.  He was given permission, provided he would be well prepared.  Frequently that is the last a teacher would hear of the request, not this fellow!  He followed up, checking back frequently.  Today he very effectively employed a Power Point he had created, along with unique applications along with demonstrations using his classmates and yours truly.  His passion for the topic and his ability to communicate created a delightful learning environment.  The professional dress he wore  didn’t hurt anything either!



May God bless us all this summer!

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Sister Mary Michael, CK

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  1. Barb Hof Gordon

    Wow! There’s a future brain surgeon, psychologist, professor, or whatever this young man chooses! God bless him as he chooses to use his gifts wisely!!

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