The Play – a little taste of heaven!


In the next life we will all be fully alive, rejoicing in one another’s gifts.  There will be a unity, which our complimentarity and differences will accentuate.  I sensed a bit of that unity and goodness at our play on Thursday and Friday.


The arts help us find beauty and goodness in life when done well.  Thanks to all who contributed to the performance, and the number is many.  The list has to start with Miss Bolig.  The short words of thanks by the students at the end of the play on Friday were heartfelt and fitting.  My favorite line about Miss Bolig, “She has given me a love of music!”  And I might add a passion for it as was evidenced by the performance!  Part of our job in forming the young people with which we are blessed is to help them grow in self knowledge and find that which puts fire in their life.  I saw that fire incarnated in our young people as they acted.  The fire was fanned by the knowledge our teachers have of the children.  That knowledge enabled the superbly executed job of casting.  The characters matched the individuals, oh so well, and enabled them to enter in well beyond what I had expected they were capable of doing.


Join with me in thanking The Lord for the gifts He has given both to our young people, and to the parents  and teachers who work so hard (I was going to say tirelessly, but they were tired at times and not without cause) to help the goodness of the children shine brightly. Occasionally we get to see that light now, other times it will shine brightly in the future where we will not see it, never the less we are please to contribute.  That is the life of a teacher, a parent, too, often.


Enjoy the pictures here as well as at  Don’t miss the expression on Belle’s face, or the way the mask fits the Beast.


beauty and the beast



the Beast


Did you hear the little one cry when the Beast roared on Thursday night, now that’s a good actor!  Not that we try to make babies cry, but the whole crowd chuckled when we heard such clear evidence he had done his job so well!

May the Good Lord bless us all.

Signature ball point pen

Sister Mary Michael, CK

St Peter School

Lincoln, NE. 68516



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