(Vacation or) Professional Development?

Last week a few of us were blessed to go to NCEA, the National Catholic Education Association Meeting in Pittsburgh.  What a meeting it was!  The sessions were excellent, the city was beautiful, travel went well, the community among people we went with was as good as the hospitality of the people of Pittsburgh.  How good it is when it you can’t tell if this is good professional development or vacation.

Undertaking such an event is not a small affair.  A week’s lodging, plane fare, registration and all that goes with such a meeting is considerable, not only in terms of dollars, but time.  It is really hard for me to be away, while the clock is ticking at home, but we disciplined ourselves to be where we were and enjoy the conference.  (Really, I’m serious about the fact that it is hard to be away!  It certainly was easy to enjoy, though!)

Father, Mrs. Richter, Mrs. Alishouse, Mrs. McArdle and I went from St. Peters.   Mother Joan Paul for the first time sent all six of us CK principals (from St. Joseph, St. Teresa, St. James Crete, St. Vincent Seward, St. Joseph Beatrice and yours truly).  What a great group!  The ten of us did a few things together, then various subgroups went on a whole variety of outings determined by our varied interests.

On behalf of our group I would like to thank you, our parents for helping to make the trip possible.  Funding comes from SFA, Title II, and the school budget, and a few incidentals from our pockets.  A good share ($3000) of the funding comes through Pages for Peter through SFA.   We appreciate your support of our professional development.  This is one of a half a dozen professional development opportunities we take advantage of through the year.

Ongoing professional development is important for us as teachers and professionals.  I recall long ago a misinformed parent said she didn’t send her children to Catholic School because the teachers never get any inservice.  NOT TRUE, I must say.

A little evidence that we went, and had a good time!

Duquesne Incline whole groupNCEA with rino

In the joy of the Easter Season,

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  1. Barb Hof Gordon

    I enjoy keeping in touch with you, the school, and learning from you each week! God bless you, Sr. Michael.

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