Children’s Gifts

Children’s gifts

What a gifted group of students we have here at St. Peters!  This morning we saw or rather heard from a trio.  The 8th boys sang a beautiful meditation after Communion.  Yes, that’s right boys from eighth grade.   You could hear them well, they were on pitch, they not only blended well for the refrain,  but enunciated and had sufficient volume for the verses.  The boys shine as part of the choir and part of their class.  To hear the boys go to: .

The play practices have also been going well.  Beauty and the Beast will be performed by the 7th and 8th grade drama elective.  They have worked hard and the excerpts I have seen are fabulous.  Mark your calendar for May 1 and 2, that’s a Thursday and Friday.  Little girls may come dressed as “Beauty” in their favorite princess costume.  Boys, I guess if you want to come as “Beasts” that is welcome also.  There are some times where gender equality just doesn’t work.

Common to the two scenarios above is the guidance of Miss Kirsten Bolig.   Kirsten, thanks for being a true artist at drawing talent out of the children and helping them use it for the glory of God.  May the good Lord sustain you, and your assistants, Mrs. Purbaugh and Mrs. Northcot in the next few weeks as the play comes through to fruition.  Also, thank you to the many parents, who are helping behind the scenes with costumes, stage, choreography, actor management, etc.  Kirsten sure couldn’t do it without your help.  It takes a whole parish to run a school.

May God bless us all as we enter into Holy Week.

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