Run with the (Bulls) Children

We had a glorious celebration of First Communion on Saturday at both 10:00 and 1:00.  After Mass the children processed out of the church and over to the front hall of school.  Sister Regina Marie prayed a short prayer of thanksgiving with them and then they left the front doors of the school with such enthusiasm.  After the 10:00 Mass and prayer, it felt like a wave of joy exuding from the front doors of the building.  The energy and excitement reminded me in some small way of what I have read about the mass of humanity that enthusiastically (if somewhat misplaced) runs ahead of the wild bulls Pamplona.  Jesus is the driving force behind these children, and He is second to none.

After the 1:00 Mass when the second half of the children were finished and about to burst from joy, we were gathered briefly in the front hall to pray once again.  I noticed Sister Mary Gabriel snapping a few pictures.  I said, “Hey Sister, let’s get a shot as they come out,” she handed me the camera and in 15 seconds the idea went from conception to fruition, and these shots were taken as fast as the camera could go as the children emerged.  I had no idea exactly who we were getting in the photos, but took as many as I could in those few seconds.  Hopefully you find the pictures as delightful as we did when we looked.  Thank you Lord, for allowing us to capturing such spontaneous joy!  May this be the beginning of a life long journey with Jesus in this the most Blessed of the Sacraments!

Post Communion

Post Communion exit

Post Communion Run

Post Communion Joy

In Christ’s Love,

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  1. Cathy Earhart

    Beautiful! Just beautiful!

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