Son of God

Son of God

Jesus, in the newly released movie, smiles often and easily.  That key element meshes well with the context of much of the Gospel.  If you haven’t seen it I recommend it.  We went just before Lent began.  What a good way to bring in the season that focuses on love of the Lord.

The actor portraying Jesus did a fine job of showing Him comfortable in His own skin.  He seemed natural and easily pleased.  Peter Kreeft, one of my favorite contemporary Catholic authors, in an essay on the Our Father, refers to God as, “being easy to please, but impossible to satisfy”.  Jesus displayed that in the ease of his smile and pleasant disposition, which makes sense in a world which He created, he was easily pleased.  Yet, do we ever explore to the end the goodness of the Lord or do we fully appreciate the wonder of creation.  No, our limited humanity will never exhaust his infinity.  There is always more to the Lord than we can take in, we will never “arrive”.  It is impossible to satisfy (exhaust, or match) His Goodness and His Mercy.

May we please the Lord and know He is easily and often pleased by our efforts, meager and unsuccessful though they sometimes are.  His blessings abound, may we receive them well!

In His Love,

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