Library Fines – real life humor

“Sure, you can go pay your library fine,” Sister answered with a slightly puzzled look on her face.  “You have money today?” she asked.  He opened his hand to show the quarter, with a big smile.

Quarter   Pair

It was about 3:00 and he had forgotten his money for about a week.  Usually when they do remember, it is not 3:00 when they want to go take it to the library.  So off he went.  In a few minutes he returned and Sister noticed he was having a pleasant conversation with the girl who sits beside him.  She saw him give her a coin, so she went over and asked what he was up to.  “Well,” he said, “you know how I have a hard time keeping my desk clean.  Jamie promised me a quarter if I kept it clean for a whole day, and I DID!  She paid, I paid my fine, and I had a nickel left so I gave it back to her.”  My friends, how do you not laugh out loud in the midst of such goodness, innocence and creativity!

“Very well.” She responded and got out of the neighborhood before the giggle accompanied the smile on her face.

Library Fines – part two – “How Kidwell Paid the Ransom.”  The names in both of these stories are changed to protect the innocent, to some degree anyway.

Occasionally we watch a movie at the convent.  We own a few of the Catholic classics, and occasionally we “fish” for a different title.  Our standards are high, and we choose carefully.   Recently when it was my turn to find something, I thought a trip to the library might help.  On the way to school we were talking about the possibilities.  The question, “Does anyone have a library card?” turned up two interesting facts.  One of my sisters was, at one time, the proud owner of five different library cards….that’s from five different libraries, now that’s a reader!

The other sister hung her head, wearing the “cone of shame”.  “I have a card,” she admitted, “but it has fines on it from my childhood.”  We all had a good chuckle.

“How much of a fine?” I asked.  In my college days I worked at the library and knew some people could really pile them up.

“About $13.00,” she said, “but I used that card for well over fifteen years.  Look here where I signed it when I was four, some of the letters in my name are printed backward”.  Sure enough she not only still had the card, there were some letters backward in the manuscript name

“Do they fade away in time?”  I asked.  She shook her head no.  “Do they charge interest?”  Again, she nodded no, head bowed, as we laughed once more, and arrived at school.

That day Kidwell Electric was installing our cameras.  It was a work day with no students and one of my appointments for the day was to give a tour to a new family.  As we toured, there right on the mat in front of the door was a $20 bill.  Nobody else was in the area other than the parents just behind me so I picked it up, immediately knowing the Lord, probably through one of the many workmen in the building, was sending $ for the fine.  Now it’s not as though we don’t have availability of funding for sister’s fine, but it was comical how the Lord dropped it right there, with change to spare.

Later on the way home, as we emerged from the library with several options of videos, it felt a little like coming out of the confessional, sins forgiven, fines taken care of, everything OFF the record and now it’s squeaky clean.  (We returned the videos in ample time to avoid the fine issue.)

May the Lord bless your library time as much as He has blessed ours.

In His Love,

Signature ball point pen

Sister Mary Michael

St. Peter Principal

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