Scourging at the CATERpillar? Catholic Humor

Rosary Prayer                        Rosary Prayers

One of our older students came to school with a delightful story from home.  With a huge smile hardly repressing the laughter she says, “The other night we were praying the rosary and Jamie, my four year old sister, was leading and at the Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, she says, ‘The Scourging at the Caterpillar!’  We practically rolled on the floor laughing.  My little sister didn’t get it at all and got pretty ticked off at us for laughing.”

I, too, thoroughly enjoyed the story, but my enjoyment went beyond the humor as I considered the situation.  Here we have a family that prays the rosary often enough that the four year old can not only lead, but knows the Sorrowful Mysteries!   That speaks to the consistency of prayer and formation in that home. (I’m not going to tell you how old I was when I learned the Mysteries.  My age had a 4 in it, and that’s about where the similarities end.)

I also delighted in the excitement with which the older sibling shared that scene from home.  She wasn’t afraid to let her peers know they prayed the Family Rosary, nor was she excessively proud.  That was the setting of the story and necessary background for understanding the humor involved.  It was as though the story was from something that happens everywhere.  The humor of the story made me happy on the outside.  Reflection on the story and all that happened in the making and telling of it also gave me joy deep within.  I am reminded of the Gospel Joy Pope Francis speaks of in his document by that name “Evangelii Gaudium”.

Your families continue to inspire and amaze me.  Thanks for the blessings.  We try to do a little of the same for you here at school.  May God bless us in the formation of our children!

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(Names in the story above have been changed.  It is shared with permission.  These beautiful kids in the picture at school are two years OLDER than Jamie in the story!)


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3 responses to “Scourging at the CATERpillar? Catholic Humor

  1. oh how beautiful! thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Ginger

    Nice note, sister. Time to move the school newsletter AND your blog posts out of my spam folder!

  3. Barb Hof Gordon PhD

    Sr. Michael, I love reading your notes and am blessed to have this ongoing connection with you. Thanks so much! You continue to be a bright spot in my life. 🙂 Barb Hof Gordon

    Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 19:23:52 +0000 To:

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