Commandments in Second Grade and Technology

Second graders are learning the Ten Commandments.  Some of the young ones are learning them well and are making applications outside the academic setting!  Learning the commandment and recognizing it in the wild are sometimes not related.

This from Sister Regina Marie, with names changed to save identities.  “A second grader returned after being out of the classroom and said to me, ‘Joe asked if he could have my pencil sharpener.  I told him no, and he told me I couldn’t be my friend anymore. I’m worried about him, because I think he’s breaking the 10th Commandment.  He’s coveting my goods.’”

I found it noteworthy that he was not concerned about the goods, but about his friend!  Here’s the pair of them!  (with permission of their parents)  I asked if they get along okay with that type of interaction, she said oh yes, they are great friends.  This picture was quite natural for the two of them.


In another conversation about the children and their interactions, a parent was recalling a party to which his eleven year old grader had been invited.  At the party the boys pulled out their phones and most of them messed with the technology.  He said it wasn’t a very fun party.  I’m wondering if the host’s parents knew that was the main activity.  I can’t imagine that being true.  I don’t think there’s a parent around who would approve.  But many of us might not think that would be on their radar, so I wanted to put it out there to be sure it is on your radar.  Have any of you had success guiding children’s use of technology?  Please share ideas you have.

Sister Mary Michael


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3 responses to “Commandments in Second Grade and Technology

  1. mary beth rice

    With our gaming system we have wireless controllers. That way I can put them in a bag and out of sight when the kids would spend their time better outdoors or doing something else. Controllers are known to disappear as a consequence or during finals week. Sometimes I take them to the neighbors ;-)! As parents we have to help our kids put boundaries on their use of technology so they can balance their school and their relationships.

  2. Thank you for the pic & comments !!!

  3. Cathy Reese

    We all need boundaries no matter how old we are. Our 15 year old has a phone but there are several rules we have. When you are around other people no matter if they have a phone out or not you but yours away & socialize, no use of phones while doing homework or at the dinner table which includes everyone, putting restrictions on the phone & knowing passwords. If we can’t have access to your phone then there is none. For games the kids get 30 minutes on video & 30 minutes for TV.

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