Whose Birthday is It Anyway? These Kids Know!

There was once a land that was backward.  Everything was switched, everything seemed just a little off-kilter.  In this place, the children didn’t play football, they played knee-ball.  Kids did not go to schools; teachers went to homes.   In this unusual place, trees and flowers bloomed in the winter, and lakes froze in the summer.  And in this place, a little guy named Jason had a birthday.

His grandparents came, but he never saw them. His mother baked a birthday cake, but she gave itto the mailman.  All of Jason’s friends gave presents to each other—-not to Jason—-in honor of Jason’s day.  Finally, he’d had all he could take.  Jason got a megaphone, got on his bike, and rode through the main street of town, saying, “Whose birthday is it, anyway? Whose birthday is it, anyway?”

Some folks miss the point of Christmas.  Oh, decorations are displayed.  Parties are attended.  Gifts are bought and exchanged.  But somehow it never dawns on them that it is someone’s birthday.  And that someone is Jesus Christ.  How about you?  Have you missed Christmas because you’ve missed Jesus Christ?  He is God’s gift to you.  Jesus Christ the Savior came to forgive us and cleanse us of all our sin.  And if you know whose birthday it is, what gift do you have for Him this Christmas?  Does the One who has everything have your heart?  Why not give Him that? (source unknown)

The children in the play on Friday knew Whose birthday we celebrate.  We will be reminded again on Tuesday with the play.  May we recall His presence often as we prepare our hearts.  May He be welcome at all our Christmas parties.

Blessed Advent to you all,

Sister Mary Michael, CK

Christmas play

Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus from the Kindergarten – First Grade play

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