My Favorite Thing About Being a Sister

Recently during a panel session of a retreat, the question, “What element of your charism is your favorite?” was asked.

Without exception each sister repeated, “Belonging Totally to Jesus”, wait, there was one who answered differently.

She said, “Belonging totally to the King.”  While each answer sounds the same, He blesses each of us uniquely.  He is infinite; He can be totally ours for each of us and be absolutely faithful.  If only we could be as faithful.

Advent calls us to prepare a place for Jesus, to give Him a warm welcome.  He who welcomes us without reserve, asks to be welcomed by us.  He comes as a Babe in order to be approachable.   The relationship is reciprocal; it has to go both ways.  Sometimes I wish He hadn’t done that.  I’d like to say, “Come on, Jesus, overwhelm us with love, You who are all powerful, make it so obvious we have to believe.  That way my dullness and stupidity can’t get in the way.”  Yet He chooses gentleness and comes as a helpless Babe, and let’s my brokenness get in the way.  Rats, to the last part, anyway.

“Lord, help us welcome you well, and help us to enable those around us to do the same.”

Blessed Advent.


Sister Mary Michael

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