Sacred Heart in Rose Petals

Sacred Heart in Rose Petals

Spontaneity – I can hardly spell the word, but I really like it.  The children pictured and a few others helped this morning as we built a Sacred Heart just outside the church.  Why, because He is.  A few people were looking up the feast of the day and asking about Mother Cabrini and her devotion to the Sacred Heart.  No that’s not it, she didn’t have extraordinary devotion to the Sacred Heart, that we know of anyway.  We had petals from well over 100 roses that had spent themselves helping us pray for the poor souls.  So we gathered them and waited for the first calm day….this morning there was no wind so, off to work we went.  In about ten minutes we put together a little symbol of our love, or should I say His.  Let me close with a few examples of exception “refrigerator art” given to me by the children recently.

Sacred Heart ISacred Heart IISacred Heart III

Blessings to you.

Sister Mary Michael, CK


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2 responses to “Spontaneity

  1. Oh what a wonder filled reflection! Made my heart smile !!!

  2. Oh how wonderful, children somehow can always put it in perspective! thank you for letting our children be so creative and expressing the Lord’s love!!!

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