“Is that a costume or are you real Sisters?”

“Is that a costume or are you real Sisters?” the young fellow asked. The sisters had just finished participating in the Newman Center’s Eucharistic Procession along with about a thousand others. It was late, and they were heading back to the car when a small group of college fellows kept looking at the sisters. Finally one of them approached the sisters and asked the question.
“Are you real Sisters, or is that just a costume?” one of the young men timidly asked.
“Yes, we are the real thing,” one of the Sisters responded.
“Oh, I was just wondering, because there are a lot of people dressed up these days,” he replied. It was the night before Halloween, thus they would not have been the only ones on the street in alternate attire.
“I am Sister Mary Grace, and I’m a real sister,” said the usually soft spoken SMGrace with unusual fortitude and determination as she shook his hand.
“I am Sister Regina Marie, and I’m a real sister!” chimed in SRM, his hand shaking again, as his mouth began to hang open a bit.
(As we listened to the story unfold in the car, Sister Mary Gabriel, who was not present at the scene proposed the next line. “I’m Pinocchio and I’m a real boy.” After considerable laughter, the story continued.)
The Sister’s introductions must have been sufficiently convincing, as from that point on the fellows were converts to believing the Sisters were real. I’m wondering what the Sisters would have done next to convince them. I think the matching rings on their left hands would have convinced the fellows these were true Brides of Christ, but they were convinced so the fun ended there.
The world in which we live is in dire need of evangelization. We Sisters are familiar with that odd glance at the grocery store, or little children saying, “Mommy who’s that?” (And don’t think we miss that opportunity to talk with both mom and the little ones!) Mainline culture is becoming more divergent with a life of faith. The contrast between Consecrated Life and the lived reality, not only on college campuses but at the typical grocery store, illustrates the need for witnesses. May we all witness to Jesus and the Gospel message of love as we live our daily life. May our fidelity enable us to shine brightly with His grace.
In Christ’s Love,
Sister Mary Michael, CK

Newman Center Eucharistic Procession

Newman Center Eucharistic Procession

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