“Religion….We Don’t Do That Here”

Teachers were sharing some comments from past and present Diocesan Visitations which occurs annually.  Today was the day for this year.  Monsignor Perkinton, Sister Collette and Father Kilcawley visit the classrooms.  We may be crazy for having it on Halloween, but sometimes you have to go with the date given.  In one of the visits to the classrooms, Father asked the children, “What are you learning in religion?”

“We don’t have religion here,” one little fellow piped up.

The teacher, calm as could be, but a little confused rephrased the question, “What are we learning about Jesus?”

The same little fellow chimed in with something like, “Oh, I don’t know what religion is, but  we learn a lot about Jesus, we talk about Him all the time.”

It just goes to show you, don’t stop too soon with the questions.  We learn a lot about Jesus and His friends, too, especially this week with All Saints Day.  The First graders dress up as their patron Saint and do a beautiful program for the school.  Preschoolers dress up, too; this picture from yesterday’s group.

All Saints Day in Preschool

All Saints Day in Preschool

They all knew who they were representing.  St. Florian patron of fire fighters was among them.  You learn something new every day, and sometimes from preschoolers!

Blessed to count myself among His friends,

Sister Mary Michael

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One response to ““Religion….We Don’t Do That Here”

  1. Sister Mary Alma

    From the stomach dropping sensation of, “We don’t have religion here.” (and that comment in front of the Superintendent of Catholic Schools!) to the both hands in the air “Wheee!” feeling of, “We talk about Jesus all the time.” all within a single minute. Worlds of Fun has nothing on Catholic School Teachers. Not for the faint of heart, but certainly a great adventure.
    Blessings and prayers of gratitude to all the Saint Peter teachers.

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