Seven Principles of Which We Should Be Reminded

The notes here were taken Monday at the Pius in-service from a keynote address by Bob Voboril to which our teachers responded, “Excellent food for thought”, “Fantastic Speaker!!! I really enjoyed listening to him”, “Excellent!  I love his philosophy and real life sharing of his experiences”.   The Principles are his, (the comments in parenthesis are mine):

  1. God created us with a destiny and a purpose.  He knows what He is about; He has a plan for us.  (God is the origin of intentionality; he made you specifically and in this time and place.)
  2. Follow Pope Francis who points to Jesus as the Alpha and Omega, not technology.  Not I-phones, or I-pads or any other “I” word.  (Use them as tools as you see fit), but teach Jesus, teach religion in every subject.
  3. Our mission is to teach discipleship.  Discipleship is intimately connected to discipline, self-discipline, and internal governance.  We are to form students, to help them get to heaven.  (This is the thesis behind our new discipline system, Discipline for Discipleship.)
  4. Before you make kids smarter, you had better make them good.  Right and wrong comes first.  The smartest men in Germany spent themselves to create the cheapest way to kill the most people, they tortured and experimented on their fellow human beings.  Help the children become good, first.
  5. Every student is a person of infinite dignity.  (Especially the most vulnerable.  Conduct yourselves accordingly.)
  6. Great teachers do not teach subjects, great teachers teach students.
  7. Students learn best from the witness of those who form them every day.  (Lord, help us all form them well.)

Mr. Voboril then concluded with Lessons From the Principles:

  • We must teach children to live well with one another.  He is not a fan of home schooling, due to the communal lessons we must learn.
  • Whatever solution you need in life is not on You-tube.
  • Teaching methods change – love does not.
  • The future hinges on teaching kids to figure out the rules.
  • Virtualism is a disease.  Teach virtue.

Bob is the superintendent of schools for the diocese of Wichita.  He is 64 and a wise man in addition to being articulate.


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  1. Interesting comment on homeschooling

  2. Interesting comment about home schooling.

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