Living Stones Mosaic Results and Surprises Along the Way

living mosaic web sizeCloud over the playground

There we were in the midst of 450 kids in bright colors.  If you really concentrated you could still think, but hardly.  We were placing the girls in pink next to the black crown of thorns and working outward, saving the maroon boarder on the bottom to fill in last.  The trouble was we had some gaping holes.  One parent on hand said, “Do you want a few adults to fill in here? We have plenty of red shirts and blankets.”

“That would be great, was my response.”  Pretty much everyone who was around was in the picture.  We moved a few more children around.  Made sure the ones who didn’t feel safe under the ladder were moved, and we were set.  At times it looked like something on the ground, but you couldn’t really tell what.

When the picture came through later in the day after being put together, it was met with universal gasps of excitement.  Considering what we saw on the ground it was pretty much all we had ever hoped for.  Thanks, Lord.

Surprises –

  • It felt like we were packed in tight, but you can see gaps all over the place, especially in the bigger pictures, but the eye fills in the spots and it’s fine.
  • The human heart is not perfectly symmetrical, so it’s OK that this one isn’t either.
  • The kids took up less space than anticipated.  Really we were only off about a half a square foot, but multiply that times 450 and it matters!  ADJUST.
  • PARENTS – you were a Godsend filling in that one section.  Isn’t that the story of our school.  We work hard to provide a God centered formation program for the children.  When you have unique individuals, there are bound to be gaps here or there in the processing, differences of perspective, some things which need differing amounts of emphasis.  That’s where communication with your child helps clarify and fill in the gaps.  When we work together, the gaps get filled and the whole process works well, a beautiful formation occurs in your children.
  • Wow, the words are clear!  Who would think at first glance they are people!  Twenty-three students in black to make up the eleven foot tall letters in “JESUS”.  Thirty-nine more for  the six foot tall letters in “Sacred Heart of”.
  • Father Schultes sure knows how to fire up the crowd!  He was in the top part of the black cross on top the heart amidst the flames.  How appropriate to be amidst the flames firing up the children with a whole variety of chants!  Also how fitting for a priest to be making up part of the cross.   Each Mass he re-presents Calvary and the cross for us as Jesus is brought present and offered for us.
  • CLOUD – about the time we were finishing, I saw a whole bunch of children lying there with their fingers in the air pointing upward.  There in the sky was a confirmation from the Lord.  He had put a heart in the clouds that corresponded with ours.  We made a heart for Him and He made one for us! (See the picture above).


Reflection – here at school we will be processing the event to help the children digest it and deepen in their understanding .  The children have not yet completed the reflection, but will be in the next days.  Here’s  what we will use, if you’d like to follow it up with conversation at home.

What do you remember from the Living Stones Mosaic?  Below is a list of possible comments to get them thinking.

  • Memorable things you saw….
  • What I heard….
  • What were you thinking or feeling while you were laying on the parking lot?
  • What do you remember most about this experience?
  • Did the Holy Spirit remind you of His presence in any way?
  • Are you really part of the Heart of Christ?  Explain.
  • When you shared this activity with your parents, what was their reaction?
  • When you look at this picture, what thoughts come to your mind?
  • How can you share this experience, this picture with friends, family and Jesus?
  • Why do you think we did we do this event (yes, I know it is the Year of Faith) beyond that, why do you think we did it?

Possible variations for younger children

  • What did you wear?
  • What part of the Sacred Heart were you?
  • How did you and your classmates enjoy this activity?

So often in today’s fast paced world we I fail to take time to process the events of life.  The same might be true of your family life.  Intentionality is required to make the time to reflect and discuss, but what a beauty it adds to life and helps us connect and mature.  May God continue to bless this process here and your ongoing efforts at home.   As stated earlier (fourth bullet in the first list), it is when we work together that the whole takes on a greater beauty than either of us alone could achieve.

By next Wednesday we hope to have an 8 x 10 for each of the children to keep.  We will be working on a framed larger version to post near the Jubilee photo just outside the mail room in the church hallway.

In Christ’s Love,

Sister Mary Michael



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2 responses to “Living Stones Mosaic Results and Surprises Along the Way

  1. i want to buy a larger version for my office PLEASE!!!!

  2. Cathy Reese

    I would love to purchase a bigger picture. The day was a blessing & the cloud in the sky was even more meaningful. You said it so beautifully Sister Michael.

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