Living Stones Mosaic – What to wear

red clothes

On September 27th we will be creating our Living Stones Mosaic with the children as mosaic pieces, as described last week.  As we create the Sacred Heart, obviously most of the students will need to be in red.  While we need the children to be in a color, we are trying to work with what you have for this one time event.  Please consider the following:

  • Students need to have both shirt and pants in a hue of red.
  • Girls may wear pink or red shirts and pants.  A pink shirt and red pants or vice versa is fine.
  • Junior High are asked to wear their uniform shirts, as the maroon will serve us well.  They also need to wear maroon or red pants.  Instead of maroon or red pants the students may bring a second maroon shirt to lay over their uniform pants to create the maroon look.  Junior high girls may also wear all pink or maroon.


Long sleeved shirts are preferred, but not required.  Shirts must have some kind of sleeve in them (no sleeveless or tank tops).  If the print on them is large they may wear the shirt inside out, or at the time of the mosaic, turn their shirt around so the back shows.


If you have red tights or skinny jeans wear another pair of pants over them until the time of the mosaic.  If you don’t have red pants, but have a red jacket, blanket, tablecloth, towel, or anything else red, bring it to put over your pants when we get set for the mosaic.   Children can also bring a pair of pants that are too large or two small and drape them over their pants when it is time for the picture.  If you are putting something over your pants, you may wear any reasonable color of pants that fit our uniform policy (no skinny pants or tights worn as pants) the day of the mosaic.  We have a number of pair of red pants here on hand.  If you’d like to borrow a pair please come get them after Mass on Sunday they are in Bishop Vasa Hall past the meeting room closer to the windows, or send a note with your child on Monday and we will send a pair home with them.

Shoes and socks

We aren’t going to worry about shoes.  If your shoes would stick out, we may ask you to take them off for the picture.  If you have matching socks, fine, if not, that is fine, too.

First and 8th grade may wear black, special instructions will go home to First, eighth and Fifth graders.  Fifth graders will provide the unique colors for the words, flames and crown of thorns.

Here’s the sketch of what we plan to build with the children.  For further explanation see last weeks blog.  Next Friday September 27th is our date!  May we build a visual with this event that pleases the Lord during this Year of Faith.

Living Mosaic sketch

God Bless you and us here, too.

Sister Mary Michael

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