Living Stones

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Do you remember seeing this picture in the hallway by the sacristy? What memories were created by our festivities during the Jubillee Year. This year, the Year of Faith, it is time for such an event again. The Holy Spirit has sent the inspiration and I think this one will be even better!
The Sacred Heart of Jesus has been our theme for the Year of Faith. Jesus is not only boldly front and center in this devotion, but with both His Humanity and His Divinity. This will be the fourth place the Sacred Heart theme has been used for in our Year of Faith festivities.

1) We have the beautiful picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus along with Mary and Joseph in the front hall. Copies were made and distributed to families.

2) Our First Friday t-shirts are donned each First Friday with the Sacred Heart on both the front and back.

3) Blessing the hour in many classrooms frequently uses the invocation, “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in You.”

4) We are living stones in the Church, thus the title “Living Stones” for the Year of Faith Mosaic, which will be composed on the parking lot on September 27th at around 10:00. The mosaic pieces, our children, will come together to create a large picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. What better theme could we come together to construct!  See the picture below for the graphic plan.

This week presentations have been given to the children introducing the event. In the upcoming weeks we will be working on the details of the event and figuring out who will be what color. A vast majority will need to be RED. Our friends in the fire department are planning to bring a ladder truck to get a good perspective from above and get a good aerial photograph. You are welcome to join us that morning for the event which will be preceded by our annual Eucharistic Procession. I can feel it coming, it will be one of those days of school when children cry if they feel illness coming on, they don’t want to miss that day! This type of event only comes around every dozen years or so. The last one was 13 years ago. The date is Friday, September 27 at 10:00, join us if you are able.
In Christ’s Love,

Sister Mary Michael, CK

Living Stones mosaic plan

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  1. Cindy

    What a wonderful idea!

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