“God Loves Cathedral Builders More Than Cathedrals”

God surely loves the result of the labor also, but the Lord loves the human heart that is inspired to take on the work of the Lord, as much or even more than the result of that work. Last Tuesday I related it to the gym floor, which we can now see very well. The lighting was added over the long weekend. While the floor is very nice, I was not strong in my conviction that we needed a wood floor in the gym. The process of human formation can take place quite well on a tile floor also. The tile floor was cracked and badly in need of repair, we went with the top of the line repair. There is great beauty in our gym, part of it is in the wood floor, but more of the beauty, in the eye of this beholder, is in the hearts of those who felt the new floor and gym renovation was in the best interest of our parish and saw it through to make it happen.
I find many people in our parish who see a need, and selflessly work to fill the need. That is a beautiful thing. One of the things we work at teaching our young sisters is “anticipation of needs”. Strive to see a need and meet it before anyone asks, and do it for the Lord. Clean the dirty, iron the wrinkled, warm the cold, cool the warm, empty the full, fill the empty – it can take many forms. You do it often for your family, I would imagine. Offer it to the Lord for the sanctification of the family, your family, the family of the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. Do it for Him. At one point in my youth, I offered my life and my service to Him, it is a blessed reminder to me to renew that daily and act accordingly. May we continue to be a blessing to one another.

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